Cycling gear - outside cycling all year long with heated clothing from 30seven®

Da Ihr ganzer Körper warm bleiben muss, brauchen Sie gute Fahrradbekleidung, am besten beheizbare Bekleidung. Extreme Körperteile wie Hände und Füße brauchen mehr Aufmerksamkeit. Mit der beheizten Fahrradbekleidung von 30seven® werden Sie sich nie wieder kalt fühlen.


Heated cycling gloves to keep your hands warm

Your hands are usually in-front of you, only moving when braking or shifting. No wonder that they can get cold very quickly! Great gloves are a must and 30seven® offers a perfect solution with cycling gloves that keep your hands warm even during extreme cold temperatures.


Prevent your feet from getting cold

Like your hands, your feet are normally in a fixed position whilst cycling and at one point during one of your winter rides it’s possible they can get (extremely) cold, even until they hurt! No chance they get warm again until you get home. The heated socks and heated insoles from 30seven® protect your feet during the coldest moments on your bike.


Heated softshell jackets to keep your body warm

The heated softshell jacket is soft, flexible and keeps the warmth inside while repelling elements such as wind and cold. On top of that, the 30seven® soft shell jacket is also water-repellent so you will remain warm and dry during your winter ride.