Winter hunting in extreme cold temperatures with heating clothing from 30seven®

Hunting, specifically in winter can be extreme because of the below-zero temperatures. Your body mainly stays still or moves very slowly. With the right 30seven®. heated hunting gear you won’t lose your body warmth and you will feel comfortable all hunt long.


Layer up!

Layering is one of the most important things to do when planning a winter hunt in extreme temperatures. A heated base layer from 30seven® is the perfect first layer to keep your body temperature at the optimal level.


Heated socks and insoles to protect your feet

Both your hands and your feet need additional protection and care while hunting in winter or extreme temperatures. your feet stay still most of the time and heated insoles or heated socks from 30seven® give you the extra protection you need when temperature is dropping below zero.


Comfortable heated hunting gloves

Critical during a cold winter hunt are a good pair of warm gloves. 30seven® specially developed heated hunting gloves that are both comfortable and warm at any time during the hunt. These special gloves have one fold-back finger to ensure precision and focus.