Trekking in the cold – stay warm with 30seven®

Trekking in winter and in cold temperatures can be a challenge and needs thorough preparation. It is generally more extreme and adventurous than a normal hiking trip and therefore luggage and clothing needs to be chosen wisely to provide the best protection in relation to weight. Heated clothing could be your best choice as this means less weight and more warmth…


Base layer with heated element

For every extreme outdoor sport, layering clothes is the first thing to consider. You need to be prepared for any weather condition and to keep your body at the optimal temperature. The polyester base layer with heated element has a moisture-wicking mesh that draws moisture away from your body. You can choose your own preferred heating level or even remove the heating element from your base layer on warmer days.


Softshell windproof jacket – a lightweight solution for your luggage

A high-quality windproof jacket is key to survive your winter trekking. An ice cold wind can ruin your trekking experience. The 30seven® softshell jacket is both water-repellent and windproof. This lightweight jacket has a removable heating element for warmer moments during the trek.


Waterproof and heated gloves for wet and windy weather

For cold, wet and windy days you definitely need to protect your hands with warm and waterproof gloves. Heated gloves are a welcome alternative as these will repel rain and snow and also keep you warm. All 30seven® gloves are made from breathable fabrics to make sure moisture from your hands can escape whilst your hands stay warm and dry.