Our products are very easy to use. We created a clear step-by-step plan to assist you with the use of 30seven® products.


Use the size guide to find the perfect fit.

Size guide


Follow the tips and tricks below in order to prolong the capacity of the battery and battery life.- Charge the batteries on a regular basis (at least every 3 months) to prolong the battery life, even during summer when the batteries aren’t used.

- Use the specified charger only. Using another charger may affect the battery life and can affect your safety.

- Always disconnect the battery if the heated clothing is not used. Batteries that stay connected will still consume some power.

- (Re)charge the battery only shortly before actual use (e.g. overnight), as a battery still loses capacity even if it is not enabled.

- The battery does not need to be fully charged to function. However, frequent insufficient charging over a period of weeks does result in reduction of the performance capacity.

- Completely discharging the batteries insures extremely efficient utilization. If this does not occur regularly, the charging capability will also be impaired.

- Do not expose the battery charger to moisture. Store the batteries in a dry environment at room temperature.

- A Lithium-Ion battery cannot be overcharged because of the charging control in the battery pack. It can easily withstand a night stay in the socket, although it only needs 3 hours to fully load.

All products except gloves leather and gloves leather reinforced waterproof, are machine washable.


We use the safest technology on the market. Our products never overheat or cause burns. The heating technology is made of ultra-fine high-tech heating wires that spread the generated warmth consistently and safely over the body. The technology can keep your body comfortably warm for up to 7 hours. The extremely durable wires are also corrosion resistant and unbreakable.


The Novaheat® technology is powered by long-lasting and high-quality rechargeable lithium batteries that can be recharged at least 1.000 times.


The integrated heating wires are flexible, non-visible and can hardly be felt. The heating elements are positioned to heat up the most vulnerable areas of the body: lower back, kidneys, shoulders, neck, finger, fingertips and toes.


Almost all our products are machine washable, except for the leather ones. Those can easily be cleaned with water. You can find the care instructions of each product on the product page, and on the care label in side the products. 


Unique to the 30seven® base layers and jackets is the removable heating element. 30seven® is the only heated clothing brand that uses this unique system. When no extra warmth is needed, the heating element can be removed which makes the clothing versatile and suitable for all seasons. 


All socks, mittens, jackets, insoles and base layers are made from hardwearing materials specially designed for working, training and living outdoors. This heated clothing is your guarantee of quality, comfort and complete safety for many years to come. Products bought from our website have a 2 year warranty on the working of the product and 6 month warranty on the battery.