Products bought from our website have a 2 year warranty on the working of the product and 6 month warranty on the battery.

All socks, mittens, jackets, insoles and base layers are made from hardwearing materials specially designed for working, training and living outdoors. This heated clothing is your guarantee of quality, comfort and complete safety for many years to come.

How many times can I charge my battery?

The battery lifespan is good for more than a 1000 full charges. The battery capacity may decline over time but still holds up to 1000 charges. Your batteries are covered under a 6 months warranty if these have been properly used and stored.

Using products with chargers other than those supplied may invalidate the warranty. Battery damage as a result of the use of a different charger can be detected if returned under warranty.

Charge the batteries on a regular basis (at least every 3 months) to prolong the battery life, even during summer when the batteries aren’t used.