Camping toutes saisons avec vêtements chauffants 30seven®

Le camping est une activité qui peut se faire toute l'année et qui plaît à beaucoup de gens. Certains vont camper avec leur famille et avec leurs amis en été, d'autres préfèrent les températures extrêmes de l'hiver et campent dans la nature. Cependant, chaque campeur doit être préparé à tous les changements météorologiques pouvant survenir, notamment en hiver.


Choose a heated base layer to layer clothes

30seven® offers a wide range of base layers that are electrically heated by lithium-ion batteries. These base layers ensure a warm body for up to 7 hours. Wearing it during the day or by night while sleeping in your tent, will give you more comfort and warmth than any other existing base layer.


Heated softshell jacket

Whether you are an extreme winter camper or a recreational camper in summer, weather can always be unpredictable and nights can be cold in any season of the year. The heated soft shell jacket warms your neck, shoulders, and lower back so your body stays warm at any time of the day. The jacket is both water-repellent and wind resistant.


Heated camping gloves for extreme weather conditions

Winter camping can be extreme in many ways. Keeping your body and especially your extremities warm is of primary importance. The high-quality camping gloves with integrated heating element will make sure your hands remain pleasantly warm even on the coldest moments of your camping trip.


Socks to pack when you are heading out

Never forget to pack enough socks when you are planning your camping trip! In winter and when it is extremely cold it is best to choose for high-quality heated socks. Socks from 30seven® have a removable heating element that can be used for multiple pairs of socks which comes in handy when you do not have much room left in your backpack!