Stay warm during memorable fishing trips in winter

Many people would not link winter to fishing although a winter fishing trip could be rewarding for several reasons. It will be less crowded around the lakes or at sea, and freshwater species group-up which means: more fish to catch!
Naturally preparation is key and you need to think about proper fishing gear to protect you against the extreme temperatures.


Your hands get cold quicker than you think

As your body needs to work harder to keep warm in the cold, it retains heat closest to your core to preserve vital function and takes heat away from extremities. It might not be the first clothing to think about, but gloves are of prime importance during a winter fishing trip. 30seven® has outdoor gloves that have a waterproof membrane, ideal for your fishing trip in the cold.


Layers, layers and layers

Any winter sports enthusiast knows the importance of layering clothes. A good insulating base layer is the first step to a warmer body. A heated base layer protects you even more and makes sure your body temperature stays at the optimal level.


Warm socks for warm and dry feet

Wear 30seven® heated socks as an extra insulation in your fishing boots. They will keep your toes soothingly warm during your whole trip. The battery can easily be fastened around your leg with the included strap.