Enjoy year-round motorcycling with 30seven® clothing

As with many outdoor activities in winter, it is of great importance to layer clothes against the elements when you ride your motorcycle in the cold. Riding your motorcycle is dangerous when the weather is cold as this can affect your concentration and can cause tiredness faster. Together with creating a good visibility it is highly-recommended to use high-quality motorcycling gear for cold temperatures.


Layering clothes before riding your motorcycle

Layering is essential to stay warm when riding in extreme cold temperatures. Starting with a base layer with heating technology is an ideal first step to keep your core temperature at its natural level even in extreme cold.


Comfortable and warm protection for your hands

When riding your motorcycle your hands are of primary importance to steer. Yet these are also the body parts that can get cold the fastest. Your hands do not get the opportunity to move a lot when riding. Heated gloves from 30seven® offer an excellent solution for this. The gloves are longer than normal gloves to fit over your jacket so the cold air flows over your gear instead of through it.


Don’t forget to protect your feet

Other body parts that need extra attention when motorcycling in the cold are your feet. Heated socks or insoles can give your feet extra protection whilst riding your motorcycle in winter or extreme cold temperatures.