Paragliding – fly high and dry

Enjoy every paragliding adventure to the fullest, let your breath be taken away by the wonderful scenery below you and stay warm all the time. The feeling of the perfect flight anyone would like to experience. Possible at any time only with the right heated clothing from 30seven®.


Choose heated paragliding gloves for optimal warmth

Once gliding high upon the air, it is important to wear high-quality gloves. Stiff, clenched hands due to the ice cold wind are the last thing you want in order to properly steer and handle the cords. Heated gloves from 30seven® have anti-slip material and are touchscreen-compatible for an easy control of your screens. The battery (+cable) of the gloves is hidden in a small pocket so your cords will not get tangled up with it.


Wind-and water resistant paragliding gear

When taking-off for your flight it is always necessary to wear sufficient clothes adaptable to the foreseen weather conditions. A 30seven® heated base layer perfectly fits under any outer wind-resistant jacket and makes sure your body stays warm. The moisture-wicking mesh makes sure that moisture is drawn away from your body and your garment stays dry. It is also possible to wear the base layer without the removable heating element.