Snowboarding – never feel cold again with heated clothing

When planning a snowboarding trip, you want the best snowboarding gear to conquer the cold mountains. It is important to protect yourself with the right clothing so you can stay on the slopes all day long without getting cold. 30seven® presents a range of high-quality waterproof snowboarding gear.


Snowboard gloves to conquer the slopes

When snowboarding you need a great pair of waterproof and warm snowboard gloves. The heated snowboard gloves from 30seven® protect your hands from getting cold whilst providing breathability. The soft lining and ergonomic fit of the glove in combination with the heated element flawlessly become one with your hands and give warmth all day long.


Snowboarding with heated mittens

Snowboarding mittens are a welcome alternative to gloves for people who suffer more quickly from cold hands. Using mittens makes sure your fingers are closer to one another which leads to a better warmth circulation. Additionally, heated mittens from 30seven® come with an inner glove with separate fingers for more options and an additional soft layer.


Multifunctional snowboard jacket

A multifunctional wind and waterproof jacket for snowboarding is essential. To give maximum flexibility and allow your most subtle movements on your snowboard a softshell jacket is a wonderful alternative to a more traditional bulky one. After all, the heated element of the snowboard jacket keeps you warm! On a warmer day, you can easily remove the element from the jacket and use it as a “normal” windproof snowboard jacket.