Snow mobile – riding through winter wonderland cosy and warm

Before starting your snow mobile trip, it is important to properly prepare your package and clothing. When riding through a breath-taking winter wonderland you are exposed to the elements of nature and you should have warm and comfortable clothes. Heated snow mobile clothing is a pleasant alternative to normal gear as you do not need as many layers to conquer the cold and the wind.


Warm snowmobile gloves with heated element

Safety before anything. Warm gloves are crucial but these should also be flexible in order to properly operate the snowmobile’s controls. Heated snowmobile gloves from 30seven® ensure you have both warmth and comfort whilst riding. You can choose your own level of heat to manage the temperature during the day. The heated gloves are made of a windproof breathable fabric and are also water-repellent.


Welcome first layer on the coldest moments of your trip

A base layer is a wonderful protective barrier to keep the cold or wind out. A heated base layer gives you the extra comfort of controlling your heat closest to your body. It is always possible to remove layers during your day trip but more difficult to add layers once you are cold. Make sure your batteries are fully-charged so you can enjoy the warmth and comfort all day long.


Warm snowmobile socks with removable heating element

Cold toes when riding your snowmobile are no fun, therefore it is advised to wear a pair of warm, breathable socks. Socks from 30seven® are equipped with a heating element that can easily be removed. This way, you will only need to buy one battery for several pairs of socks. Furthermore, the socks are 1/3 Coolmax, which makes sure moisture gets out and nothing gets in.