Extreme enjoyment - mountain biking on the coldest days of the year with heated clothing!

Planning a mountain biking trip in winter can be challenging. Tougher, colder conditions mean that your ride needs to be prepared more carefully and your clothes need to be chosen wisely. Cold wind and icy temperatures can ruin your day so layer-up or choose heated clothing for maximum flexibility before you start your winter wonder ride.


Base layer- the most important layer in order to keep you warm

A heated base layer is perfect to keep your body dry and warm. The moisture-wicking mesh ensures that moisture is drawn away from your body and makes you feel comfortable on your bike. You can choose your own heating level or even easily remove the heating element when you do not need the extra warmth.


Heated socks to prevent cold and wet feet

Don't miss out on heated socks when you are putting together your mountain bike gear! Frozen feet are a common complaint in winter mountain biking - choose good and warm socks in order to prevent this. 30seven® heated socks are made of strong textiles and have Coolmax moisture-regulating fibres. The battery will not get in your way while mountain biking as it is held by a handy strap.


Softshell jacket with removable heating element

Some people like to layer up to get wind and cold out, others prefer just a windproof lightweight outer jacket. The heated soft shell jacket from 30seven® is both wind and waterproof. It is made of a light-weight, breathable, soft fabric so it will not get in the way while riding your mountain bike. The heating element is not sewn into the jacket so you can easily remove it on warmer days. Two options in just one jacket!


Gloves to keep your hands warm on your bike

As with all cycling activities, your hands are an easy target to get cold very quickly as these are just laying in front of you on your handlebars. Your mountain bike trip will get much more comfortable when using heated mountain bike gloves and you will be able to focus on the road and the scenery around you without having cold hands.