Skiing in extreme temperatures: 30seven® will keep you warm

Wintersports, for many the best season of the year. Time to get on your skis and dance with the mountains. But how to cope with the extreme cold temperatures? 30seven® has the solution: choose for heated clothing.


Heated ski gloves and mittens to warm up your hands

Cold hands while skiing are unavoidable at some point during the day. One solution is a pair of decent gloves or mittens wrapped around a cup of hot chocolate, but that’s not always available when your hands are getting cold on the slopes. We recommend heated ski gloves or heated mittens from 30seven®. Always warm when you need them.


Heated soft shell jacket for more comfort and warmth

A soft shell jacket is ideal for skiing as it is both comfortable and has water and wind-resistant features. The main benefits are the breathability of the fabric and the mobility you have while skiing. It is a more flexible fabric and the integrated 30seven® heating element makes sure you won’t get cold while going up and down hill all day long.


30seven® helps you to keep your body warm on the slopes

Wearing a base layer helps you to regulate your body temperature and keeps perspiration away from your skin. A heated base layer from 30seven® emphasizes this even more and keeps your body warm and dry, preventing it from cooling down in those moments where you need a short break.